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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After nearly two years, I'm finally posting something!  We made one resolution this year: to reduce our stuff by 1/3.  As part of the stuff reduction plan, I've been tackling the mess making issues around the house, one of which was wrapping paper and related items.

Behold: wrapping paper under control! 

Neat, orderly and kind of fun to look at too.  And, it works!

How I did it:

1.  I started with two sheets of 2' x 4' pegboard and mounted them to the wall of my sewing room at right angles to each other. This particular pegboard is vinyl and came with 1/2" plastic spacers mounted behind the pegboard to provide the space needed between the pegboard and the wall.

2. I added various pegboard hooks to meet my needs, which were:

     a. someplace to store wrapping paper rolls that would keep them under control but still allow easy access;
     b. ribbon storage;
     c. tape and scissor storage .

Wrapping paper storage:
     I liked these multi-tool hooks and thought they could be used for wrapping paper storage, if I placed two of them vertically on the pegboard and inserted dowels through them.

It worked terrifically well. I used 5/8" dowels and added pre-drilled balls to the top as stops.  

Ribbon storage:
     I have several large spools of ribbon and several small rolls of ribbon. I used 6" long pegs for the rolls and found these great wire baskets from Ikea.  I hung the baskets from two small pegboard hooks.  They turned out to be ideal for the small rolls of ribbon, as well a tape storage.


 For scissors and other supplies, I found hooks and more small tool storage hooks.

I mounted all the hooks, spacing them as needed, and then started adding the wrapping supplies.

 Ribbons, tape and scissors.

I spray painted the dowels and balls to look pretty.  The balls were not glued to the dowels: they fit snug enough and I only needed to push them on.  Then I added the wrapping paper.

 Originally, I also wanted card, tissue paper and box storage on the same wall, but since I also needed to hang quilting supplies somewhere, I compromised by storing those items in 2" tall boxes in a storage cabinet next to the wall storage.


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